Friday, March 16, 2007

shedding my skins

I am shedding my skins...well not literally but, in the Freudian sense I am. I have listed my home for sale, yes the very home that has housed me for almost two years that I have stressed about obtaining, purchasing, and now paying for. Its for the best (right?). Well anyway its the single most stressful thing in my life and I am shedding the past and preparing for my future no matter where that takes me. Change and adaptability are my new tools of the trade. Today I feel relief much like that of last year when I changed brokers partners and ideals, relief that things might become a little simpler a little more relaxed and slightly better than before. I am shedding the life before and making new strides forward to the new life with all its possibilities. Its freeing, to say the least. Well any way options abound and life is constantly paving the way for me and I just take what comes and throw it onto my back and carry on through. So there we were.