Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Today I thought about the most important things to me. I am fortunate that the top of my list is my friends. I am blessed, most people can count good friends on one hand. I have to take off my shoes to count all of mine. I realized that the most important thing in life, is people and mostly the people you love that love you. MY friends called me and texts me all day and told me how they loved me sent me jokes and I spent a great day with a great friend and we drank wine walked on the beach ate food and laughed about the way we are; and realized that we are lucky to be here and life is good and rich and full of good times. I drank a few glasses of wine made enough food to feed an army ate a small armies rations and now sit here at the nearing end of a day wondering how I got so damn lucky.