Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be kind...

There are days that take your breath away some days for amazingly exciting news and some unfortunately for nightmarish news. Today was more nightmarish; news of a young man who took his life for his own reasons... it gave me pause. I write this post to remind the few followers that I have that life although precious should be handled with care, kindness, and concern. To remind myself to be kind for I do not know nor can I comprehend the struggles someone around me is facing.

Do something today for a stranger something small and seemingly unimportant. For instance, the other day I saw a woman overloaded with bags trying to get groceries to her car, one of her bags dropped and broke in the street the contents poured out onto the pavement. I ran over to help along with Carson to pick up the pieces it didn't seem like very such but the woman was overjoyed to have such help at the moment. I think it reminds us that we are not alone...

I get caught up trying to work, keep a home, exercise, socialize and I miss a lot of the details its not on purpose but it happens, it happens to us all. Lately Ive been trying to be conscious about my actions and how I may be affecting those around me, even people I do not know. This brings me to my point, remember to be kind, be thoughtful, be present.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tahoe Sunset Pics

In case you have forgotten to look around during your busy summer, or if you want to see why people choose to live here.