Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Today I thought about the most important things to me. I am fortunate that the top of my list is my friends. I am blessed, most people can count good friends on one hand. I have to take off my shoes to count all of mine. I realized that the most important thing in life, is people and mostly the people you love that love you. MY friends called me and texts me all day and told me how they loved me sent me jokes and I spent a great day with a great friend and we drank wine walked on the beach ate food and laughed about the way we are; and realized that we are lucky to be here and life is good and rich and full of good times. I drank a few glasses of wine made enough food to feed an army ate a small armies rations and now sit here at the nearing end of a day wondering how I got so damn lucky.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

3000 miles away

I drove across the country from Tahoe all the way to New Haven, Connecticut. I went with visions of a romantic sort a dream where things are different and change is not even a whisper. It was the best two weeks of my life. We saw a show at red rocks. it was incredible and a short visit to my grandmas house in Cleveland, Oh. It was incredible. I also, got to stay and see professor that was great his little town is so cute and when his face wasn't in a book we had a lot of fun and I miss him terribly. He is the my favorite person in the world.

Friday, April 6, 2007

my travels

So I went to the east coast just before my birthday. It was awesome yeah, I ate a philly cheesesteak in Philly saw the rocky statue and drank a lot of beer. I went to some museums and saw the famous bell. Then I went to Boston and vermont, both very cool in very different ways. Everyone wants to know if I am moving ....I have no idea.

I got back the day before my bday this is some photos from Sushi at Samurai. So as far as me moving to vermont to watch my boyfriend read for three years...I dunno we do have a lot of fun and I keep trying to find things wrong with him, but he's pretty cool and we are good together so I will see how the summer goes.

Friday, March 16, 2007

shedding my skins

I am shedding my skins...well not literally but, in the Freudian sense I am. I have listed my home for sale, yes the very home that has housed me for almost two years that I have stressed about obtaining, purchasing, and now paying for. Its for the best (right?). Well anyway its the single most stressful thing in my life and I am shedding the past and preparing for my future no matter where that takes me. Change and adaptability are my new tools of the trade. Today I feel relief much like that of last year when I changed brokers partners and ideals, relief that things might become a little simpler a little more relaxed and slightly better than before. I am shedding the life before and making new strides forward to the new life with all its possibilities. Its freeing, to say the least. Well any way options abound and life is constantly paving the way for me and I just take what comes and throw it onto my back and carry on through. So there we were.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My BF Cara and I soaking in the Hot springs in Krimmeling, CO so fun.
This was Scott and I in Breckenridge, CO at the international ice sculptures contest. It was about 2 degrees. I think I might like him...

Colorado was awesome however, next trip is the beach and surfing.

Friday, January 5, 2007

New years

New years was great it was absolutley magical. I was with good people with great drinks and dancing and lacking drama which is always good. I made my resolutions simple, to be happy to be healthy, to be me even if that feels hard or my objections get stuck in my throat and as I try to find my voice it shakes I will still represent me truly. I feel as if this year will be an adventure that my life will take turns I dont expect. That by manifesting my dreams they will in fact come true. This is my ultimate goal to write more to feel more to live more for me for the life that I dream of. This is my manifestation my mantra. That I finally have become content with my skin my face my body and my mind. The most empowering thing about acceptance is the ability to let go.