Thursday, June 26, 2008

San Francisco 2 month recap

So this is my effort to be a true blogger and start writing more frequently. So for catch up purposes I live in San Francisco now this will be my second month here. I live three blocks from Ben and Jerry's @ Haight/Ashbury. On the Panhandle;Oak St. In a four flat apartment building, I live on the third floor with two flatmates both east coasters who have lived here for a while.

Jon is banker downtown for Wells Fargo. Super nice and fun burning man dude who loves to dine and cook a true foodie. He introduced me to this killer burrito place around the block from our house called Balazo, where we saw a gay couple totally making out in line in front of us. Emo boys freak me out. I don't mind the making out or the gayness,I could honestly care less but, in a line for food its just weird gay or straight. Have some class and dry hump in a parking lot or just away from hungry people who need beans not in a crowded burrito place.

Adam is the other flatmate he is involved in some type of Internet start up. He saved my cell phone from near extinction during Bay to breakers when it fell out of bra and narrowly escaped being crushed by a viking float. He's a surfer guy, and really active. We share a bathroom and hes not gross so that's good. Although I think he might be cheap because he squeezed the life out of his toothpaste I swear like four weeks ago but yet still manages to use the same bizarre. I just want to throw it away.

I am going to post pictures of my place soon.