Tuesday, March 17, 2009

oh thats what that for

There are so many things wrong with golf here is just another in the why old white men need to keep it up bad prostate dont let it affect the game.

Alas, it is real

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Occular Migraine on the 1

I got my first ocular migraine when I was 20. It was awesome after 3 hours in emergency and nothing to show for it except having been poked and probed the whole time my doctor gave up and sent me home. Only for me to endure another round of testing until the doctor said "oh, I bet its an ocular migraine. There's nothing we can do just take some Advil," Really?

So as I was returning on the 1 yesterday enjoying the majestic coast line I had quite possibly the worst Ocular migraine of my life thus far. I couldn't see anything. Above is a good representation of what this is like. Except with even less visibility. The best was when this happened while driving in San Jose, Costa Rica. Super duper fun!

I pulled over at a state beach and sat in my car for over an hour until my vision came back, so not fun. After my vision came back the vice around my head clamped down tighter and I was forced to drive with a splitting headache that decided to linger for 7 more hours. 
This is the beach I hung out at till I could see.
Good news I think I have a job and might be able to live in Tahoe with my animals.

Bad news my migraines are getting worse.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A great week last week...what can I say

Some Highlights

Wednesday: started the day with some Academy of Sciences, which is amazing! Pictures to follow. Went to the KK Cafe had a yummy lunch including signs and wonders the peanut milk elixir that is whispered to change your health, wealth, and posture. Then off to a fabulous dinner at Sundance Kitchen, just before seeing an American icon BLONDIE at the Fillmore. Great day!


View from the roof of the Academy Of Sciences.

Thursday: I awoke feeling inspired for change. Charlotte and I went on  a long walk to Alamo Square, reenacted the full house family running up the hill to the same park. Then I jumped in the storm trooper and headed down the coast to meet Tara for some Happy hour and some beach, pier time in Santa Cruz. we purchased matching Daisy friendship rings. 

Friday: After working I picked up Charlotte and went to Sacramento spending some time in the drive-thru line at In and Out.  I spent some much need QT with my step dad.

Saturday: Had an awesome breakfast, went shopping with the Matriarch. Then headed to Vanessa's Baby shower. Where I visited with  friends  and little Aubrey.

Sunday: Worked a bit took a nap listening to the rain. Relaxed and watched some movies with the roomies

It was an incredibly fun week.