Thursday, April 23, 2009


As of 3/17 I work at home selling websites and IDX solutions for Realtors and real estate offices nationwide.

the weekend of 4/4 I turned 30...with a bang! I love my friends so much however that Sunday Jaime's couch swallowed me whole I got up only to throw up and nibble on a burrito. It was shameful how hungover I was...kinda sucks getting older.

Most of April has been super fun. Going to Baker beach with Charlotte, hanging out at Dolores park on the lawn: gay beach, Stinson beach whacking beers on Saturdays, jogging to Alamo square and reenacting the full house intro, partying on the stoop on Noe and double dutching. 

Steel Pulse will be playing here for Cinco De Mayo!!

I purchased my tickets to outside lands music and arts festival, Wilco 6/27 and the Sierra Nevada Music festival 6/19-6/21. The summer is going to be amazing.

I put off moving back to Tahoe until after I go to Europe with Charlotte this Fall. I am thinking maybe spring/summer 2010 for Tahoe who knows I might move to the East coast just because its fun...NYC or Bust.

I have inhaled a gypsy wind and decided if you cant bear a family then you can wander the world and love the life you live, Live the life you want.