Thursday, October 1, 2009

East Coast one week!

I leave for New York on Friday October 9th. I cannot wait hopefully my Daily Show or David Letterman show tickets come through....

My best friend Cara lives really close to Montpelier, Vermont which I am going to after the NYC arrival to visit her and boyfriend Ali on her 30 acre farm and wellness retreat. I am such a fan of maple syrup...mmm pancakes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Golf Ball

I swallowed a golf ball

I know you didn’t think I could do it all

I did it and I swallowed it all the whole thing

it sat in my chest for a year or two

Just like I knew it would do

then it fell a bit lower

I thought it would get stuck and just call it a day

but then it found another place to stay

it sat in my belly even when I ate jelly and jam sandwiches

even after I threw fits

there it sat growing fat

that’s when it got angry and mean

so flashlight in hand Dr Norman took a stand

he lassoed it up and tied it around and cauterized it

so then when I awoke

he laughed and made jokes "that was the biggest golf ball Ive seen so far!"

I swallowed a golf ball...its not very silly at all...

Icky little golf ball....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My cat's name is Mamas

In my hasty departure over a year ago to San Francisco. I had no where to live in the city with my cat Mamas, so mamas went to live with one of my oldest friends Jamie. I visited often and wore a cloak of guilt for abandoning my pet.

I picked Mamas up from Jamie's House on Sunday night and she has yet to leave my side its comforting she has been the only steady companion of mine these last 11 years. I have to admit she is pretty cute.

In order to tell the story of why her name is Mamas I will have to go back to when I was I am really glad that I made it to 30 remembering my early 20's. I found mamas in a dumpster on 28th and P St in downtown Sacramento. I would go in after work and get burritos and there were all these kittens and cats behind the burrito place. As I kept going in I finally decided to befriend this cat she was kind of fat and really friendly so I scooped her up and took her home. I named her Bula, which means hello or welcome in Fiji. No Idea why I knew that then or why I decided on that name.

All my friends and boyfriend at the time said she was pregnant and I kept saying 'no way she is just fat she lives on mexi food...duh'. About two weeks into cat adoption I came home from the bar at around 3 am to find my cat panting and pushing kittens out on my sofa. Freaked I made her a makeshift bed to have the babes and she popped out four I am almost positive I had passed out next to her worried. She had two girls and two boys one boy was orange and I named him Felix. There were two twin black cats with piercing blue eyes I named the girl Valdus and the boy Animus. The other girl was just like Bula a tortoise shell but she had a soft orangeish patch on her head that looked like a star and so I named her.

The kittens were fun and exhausting and after 6 weeks they got homes all seemly good ones. So during the whole kitten fiasco and subsequently getting called mama cat for two months Bula became mamas. She has stayed Mamas and I get made fun of occasionally for the silly name, but she only comes to mamas.

In the words of William S Burroughs..."The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself. Of course he wants care and shelter. You don't buy love for nothing. "

By the way as I am writing this post my Mamas is snoring loudly behind me...Im glad she is home.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

At my window, sad and lonely

At my window, sad and lonely
Oft times do I think of thee
Sad and lonely and I wonder
Do you ever think of me

Every day is sad and lonely
And every night is sad and blue
Do you ever think of me my darling
As you sail that ocean blue

At my window, sad and lonely
I stand and look across the sea
And I sad and lonely wonder
Do you ever think of me

Will you find another sweetheart
In some far and distant land
Sad and lonely now I wonder
If our boat will ever land

Ships may ply the stormy ocean
And planes may fly the stormy sky
I'm sad and lonely but remember
Oh I'll love you till I die


Thursday, August 20, 2009

While the laughter of joy is in full harmony with our deeper life, the laughter of amusement should be kept apart from it. The danger is too great of thus learning to look at solemn things in a spirit of mockery, and to seek in them opportunities for exercising wit.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zemanta a useful tool for the avid Real Estate Blogger

Zemanta a useful tool for the avid Real Estate Blogger

Zemanta sounds like a video game from about ten years ago but, in actuality might be a great tool to think about incorporating into your blog site. So what is Zemanta?

Zemanta is the smartest way to blog or email. Why and how is the key, by now most people understand that blogging is good for you and needs to be done for the benefit of two things adding new content to your website to increasing your search engine ranking and engaging the traffic and viewers of your website. This is where Zemanta might be helpful: the way this works is you download the software and in real-time, while you type. Zemanta will suggest tags, links, photos, related articles, and more. Thus, making your blog posts search engine friendly.

This application allows for your blog to be reblogged on other pages and websites all over the internet which allows your post to be back linked and once again very helpful for SEO ranking. Zemanta recommended tags are SEO optimized, helping you boost your search engine ranking while easily organizing your content. This helps you get more links, more readers, and boosts your rank.

The other feature to mention about Zemanta is it works with email as well to pull more dynamic content into your emails. Using your flickr account and other images you can link to other related content to write professional introductions with the addition of personal images and links to social networks. Add references to other points of interest. Publish rich posts from email to your blogging platform. Try it here

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where the sidewalk ends...there is daylight

When the world has gone black and the devils on your back. There's no where to turn and worlds are going to burn and the sun is gone and the moon shines on and everything is dark and people walk with their shoes inside out and that place that was once happy is now sad. when you live in a world f hypocrisy and you cant find your democracy and that title that was given seems to have lost its meaning and that pat on the back seems like a knife in your side and the world you once saw has lost its draw and the place that you live isn't a place after all. The illusion you seek only makes you weak. On the day you were born you were given a decision and you lost your way through the sickness and decay. Can you come out on top when your down at the bottom. does your body go on when your mind has forgotten. Do you feel the speed of a generation of greed can you fill the holes that pollute your soul. did you become blind in your quest for perfection or did just question your reasons for discretion. And as you sit do you wish you were once where you were when you had just begun. Can your mind handle the tragedy of living that calamity. do you rush rush till its all a bust did you steal the wheel to turn the tide of your infinite demise or did you finally get what was wrong and not right. Today my friends is the day of light. refresh the mind embrace your soul see the toll your body has taken to find the forsaken. can you relate to a world held hostage by hate or do you just sit and wait till its staring at you from your dinner plate. When does it end your apathy when your only care is geography. do you believe with the believers, the changers, the thinkers, the seers, the doers, not the takers, the shakers, the money makers. embrace the poets, the writers, artists, the music, and feel the revolution of a world asleep and a nation under a spell of destruction and hate don't lie down with a dog to wake up with fleas. Don't roll over till its up to your knees. patience is a virtue but apathy is a trait. So wake up to a notion that you drank some strange potion your asleep at the wheel with the devil driving and his shape may fool you he could be a politician just don't give in to that rendition and turn to watch the light come on and the hour still and that is all I can say about letting the wrongers be right.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thanks for sharing time.... is yummy. On Saturday I went wine tasting down in the foothills. I have become quite the wine connoisseur and I am glad this little gem of an area is less than an hour away from Tahoe. I only made it to Boeger and Lava cap although there was a stop at Jack Russell brewery mostly because its on the way but also it is awesome for people watching. I have an ability to strike up conversation with anyone waiting in line its a good sales skill but it's also just fun for random quips to use later.

Friday, August 7, 2009

10 amazing truths you already suspected

Go ahead, pretend you didn't know. Pretend it wasn't obvious. Are you sure?

Friday, August 7, 2009

1) Let's start with, say, tanning beds. Turns out they cause cancer like a mofo. I mean, as bad as arsenic. As mustard gas. Smoking. Chimney sweeping. The Jonas Brothers. I mean, obviously.

Like you didn't already know. Like you thought it was all healthy fun and games to strip yourself naked and lay on a bed of giant blue light bulbs and have ultraviolet rays blasted into every inch of your skin for hours per week and think, yeah, this can't be all bad, can it? What with my skin turning a bizarre shade of orange and that weird tingling in my brainstem and my genitalia melting like bubblegum in the sun? Like it's not the transdermal equivalent of placing my mouth over the tailpipe of a Chevy Tahoe and gunning the engine? Mmm, stupid.

2) You are green to the core. Organic everything, grey water, solar, Prius, compost your nail clippings and your urine and your condoms, the works. You have a child, maybe two. You are considering having a third, or maybe even a fourth or fifth. You say you care about reducing your carbon footprint? You say you care deeply about your impact on the ecosphere? You might be lying.

Because of course, deep down, you know that you can compost and recycle your eco-friendly butt off for your entire life and still never come close to matching the reduction in carbon footprint you would gift the planet simply by not having that additional child. It's a rather harsh way to look at it, I admit, but there it is. But of course, personal responsibility has its thresholds, right?

3) Oh, but wait. Maybe overpopulation isn't really the most pressing problem after all. Relatively speaking, the U.S. does pretty well in managing birth rates, especially compared to explosive developing nations like China and India, so horribly strained for resources and with such staggering proportions of extreme poverty.

Maybe the real problem is rich Westerners sucking up far, far more than their fair share of, well, just about everything. Did you know 50 percent of all toxic emissions come from just seven percent of the world population? I bet you did. Upshot: Maybe the real solution is a nice combo of the two. Not having too many kids, and buying less stuff you don't actually need. Radical! Or not.

4) One large study has dared come forth to claim that organic food is really no better for you than "regular" food, implying that the organic thing is all a big sham, a multibillion-dollar lie, that the giant, watery, flavorless Safeway tomato doused in chemicals and gene-spliced goodness is really no worse for you than that fragrant, delicious, organic heirloom from Rainbow Grocery, or that the chem-blasted asparagus shipped in from Mexico in November has the same nutritional value as the organic goodness you should be getting in April from the local farm.

Is it tempting to believe? Not in the slightest. For one thing, going organic is only partially about basic, keep-you-alive nutrients. It's just as much about the various toxins, chemicals, refined sugars and hormones slapped all over corporate foodstuffs in general; not to mention the brutal, earth-stabbing, industrial manufacturing and farming practices that go into most crappy mainstream foods.

In other words, yes, in terms of basic nutritional values, maybe some organic foods are no better for you than their "normal" industrial-produced equivalents. Unless you count the vicious environmental impact. And the chemicals. And the cancer. And the death. Otherwise, same.

5) Dammit. Wait a second. It also turns out that "USDA Certified Organic" label is just all sorts of mealy BS, too, and can't really be trusted. Turns out the USDA has been so pressured by various industrial food titans to loosen the definition of "organic," that the label has been rendered, if not meaningless, then more watered down than that same Safeway tomato. Are the USDA's standards still a huge improvement over what came before? Hell yes. But they're far from ideal.

Solution: Learn to read the ingredients yourself. Figure it out. Understand what you eat, and where it really comes from. It's not really very difficult. Or, pretend that it is, that it's too weird and you don't have the time to care and it's just too complicated. You are probably lying. But that's OK.

6) 7) 8) The late infomercial pitchman Billy Mays' OxiClean powdered miracle cleaner? Really just sodium percarbonate. A standard chemical you can buy in bulk right now at your local swimming pool supply shop. Whitening toothpaste? Just regular toothpaste with extra grit. Red Bull? Massive shot of caffeine and a megadose of sugar combined with whatever they can squeeze out of the pituitary gland of dead rats. I might be wrong about the rats. But maybe not.

Oh, and if you buy high-end, thousand-dollar "audiophile-grade" cables to hook up your home theater system? You have achieved true greatness. As a total sucker.

9) Wal-Mart is, apparently, hankering to launch a big initiative to stamp every product it sells with an eco-friendly rating label, some sort of grand, awareness-raising system to inform all Earth-conscious Wal-Mart customers -- I know, I know: oxymoron -- where every product falls on the you-are-destroying-the-planet scale. It's a rather wonderful idea that could radically transform the company's entire supply chain for the better.

Except for one thing: Wal-Mart has no plans to slap a giant label on its own bloated megastores themselves, no plans to reveal the enormous waste and destruction Wal-Mart itself embodies merely by existing, by shipping a million products over from sweatshops in China and Malaysia and India. Nor does it plan to offer a Smiley-Face Local Economy Decimation rating to all those countless small towns it's swooped into and gutted. But hey! That giant tub of HFCS-blasted caramel corn? Not all that bad for the planet. Yay!

10) We could totally do light rail in the United States. We could totally invest in this massive, culture-altering project like it was the next man on the moon and within 20 years have this ridiculously cool, lighting-fast, super-efficient Euro-style train network connecting most major urban hubs like we were Italy and France and Japan and Disneyland all rolled into one, but with better drinks and free Wi-Fi and superlative in-seat movies like they do on Virgin.

We could totally do it. But 50+ years of Big Auto PR bulls--t has slyly convinced us all we really can't, that no one wants it, that big dumb America loves its big dumb open-road freedom far too much, that car culture is so embedded in our road-trippin' nostalgia-thick psyches it can never be extricated.

Of course, Big Auto is full of crap, is now begging for table scraps, handouts, oxygen. Who we thought we were, who we thought we had to be has essentially been a giant lie all along. Didn't you already suspect as much?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer So good

The bear family that visits my house and seems to not want to eat the compost in the backyard

Baby bears...nuff said

Still life with Subaru

My good friend Lauren's house in SC I spent the weekend here I should have spent the week.

Deb and I at Celebrity Golf...we didn't really watch the golf

2 Jaime's and a Fawne at
the John Corbett show in Folsom

I have been back in Tahoe for over a month and its been say the least here is a photo tour of my summer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Gingers nuff said...

Michael jackson biz card holder, earrings, ipod, eco bag, hemp hand cream, jasmine perfume

Trees...and tree hugging

A little bit of reggae...

Monday, May 18, 2009

A day in the wine country

Mothers day weekend was a blast with some much anticipated wine tasting int he sierra foothills, if you have never tried it you are certainly missing out. I also visited Price ranch and harvested eggs which is quite possibly the most fun...EVER! Well anyway its not to often you meet the hen who gave you an omelet. 

The journey continues... hope you enjoy the flowers

Thursday, April 23, 2009


As of 3/17 I work at home selling websites and IDX solutions for Realtors and real estate offices nationwide.

the weekend of 4/4 I turned 30...with a bang! I love my friends so much however that Sunday Jaime's couch swallowed me whole I got up only to throw up and nibble on a burrito. It was shameful how hungover I was...kinda sucks getting older.

Most of April has been super fun. Going to Baker beach with Charlotte, hanging out at Dolores park on the lawn: gay beach, Stinson beach whacking beers on Saturdays, jogging to Alamo square and reenacting the full house intro, partying on the stoop on Noe and double dutching. 

Steel Pulse will be playing here for Cinco De Mayo!!

I purchased my tickets to outside lands music and arts festival, Wilco 6/27 and the Sierra Nevada Music festival 6/19-6/21. The summer is going to be amazing.

I put off moving back to Tahoe until after I go to Europe with Charlotte this Fall. I am thinking maybe spring/summer 2010 for Tahoe who knows I might move to the East coast just because its fun...NYC or Bust.

I have inhaled a gypsy wind and decided if you cant bear a family then you can wander the world and love the life you live, Live the life you want.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

oh thats what that for

There are so many things wrong with golf here is just another in the why old white men need to keep it up bad prostate dont let it affect the game.

Alas, it is real

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Occular Migraine on the 1

I got my first ocular migraine when I was 20. It was awesome after 3 hours in emergency and nothing to show for it except having been poked and probed the whole time my doctor gave up and sent me home. Only for me to endure another round of testing until the doctor said "oh, I bet its an ocular migraine. There's nothing we can do just take some Advil," Really?

So as I was returning on the 1 yesterday enjoying the majestic coast line I had quite possibly the worst Ocular migraine of my life thus far. I couldn't see anything. Above is a good representation of what this is like. Except with even less visibility. The best was when this happened while driving in San Jose, Costa Rica. Super duper fun!

I pulled over at a state beach and sat in my car for over an hour until my vision came back, so not fun. After my vision came back the vice around my head clamped down tighter and I was forced to drive with a splitting headache that decided to linger for 7 more hours. 
This is the beach I hung out at till I could see.
Good news I think I have a job and might be able to live in Tahoe with my animals.

Bad news my migraines are getting worse.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A great week last week...what can I say

Some Highlights

Wednesday: started the day with some Academy of Sciences, which is amazing! Pictures to follow. Went to the KK Cafe had a yummy lunch including signs and wonders the peanut milk elixir that is whispered to change your health, wealth, and posture. Then off to a fabulous dinner at Sundance Kitchen, just before seeing an American icon BLONDIE at the Fillmore. Great day!


View from the roof of the Academy Of Sciences.

Thursday: I awoke feeling inspired for change. Charlotte and I went on  a long walk to Alamo Square, reenacted the full house family running up the hill to the same park. Then I jumped in the storm trooper and headed down the coast to meet Tara for some Happy hour and some beach, pier time in Santa Cruz. we purchased matching Daisy friendship rings. 

Friday: After working I picked up Charlotte and went to Sacramento spending some time in the drive-thru line at In and Out.  I spent some much need QT with my step dad.

Saturday: Had an awesome breakfast, went shopping with the Matriarch. Then headed to Vanessa's Baby shower. Where I visited with  friends  and little Aubrey.

Sunday: Worked a bit took a nap listening to the rain. Relaxed and watched some movies with the roomies

It was an incredibly fun week.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A few of my favorite things

Shelter Cove, deadman's surf spot
Cherry Blossoms
Cake and making them for friends Birthdays!
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