Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pilates makes life better

Stress can be a bitch stepmother sometimes... I was definitely feeling the stress of life yesterday. I can offer the only advice I know and its taken me years to get here. A glass of wine helps but if you want to rid yourself of the stress of a day a situation or just escape a difficult person. Get out and run or do Pilates do anything physical where the only thing you have to think about is your breathe.

A good friend told me once when I was in the throes of life being beaten down at every turn and it felt like my only defense left was weeping. She said that life's situations and the stress that comes from them are not the main concern, yes things in life get stressful but its your reaction to the things: change your reaction change the situation. Well most times its easier to say that than live it but it helps and so does hitting a punching bag, running hard through the woods and just screaming at the top of your lungs just to get it out.

Pilates does make things better I have noticed and it makes me stronger in a lot of different ways.

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